• Bedrooms 4
  • Bathrooms 4
  • Garage 2
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pool

A luxurious immaculately furnished 4-bedroom architectural masterpiece nestled in the natural rock out crop of the exquisite Llandudno shores, Cape Town. A sandstone mountain with dramatic cliff faces forms the spine of the Cape Peninsula, the landmass that separates the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Stretching from Table Mountain to Llandudno is the Twelve Apostles range, which soars 3560ft/1085m high and overlooks a ragged coastline dotted with bays of brilliant white sand and turquoise water. There is something surreal about a mountain that ends in the sea, Llandudno exists in just such a phenomenon, an area renowned en route to the decades old cycling race.

The Argus, hosted every March. This amazing destination offers a piece of paradise with absolute privacy where no expense has been spared for the finest Italian furniture to make your stay that much more memorable.

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